The Story of Marcella June's Coffee Lounge with lighting by Period Illuminations

Actually, my business started out as a hobby. While living in Portland, Oregon. I met a jolly older gentleman doing antique picture frame restoration in a business space located next to a coffee shop where I would secure my Saturday cup of coffee. I ended up asking Chuck to give me lessons on how to restore a mirror and frame my parents received as a wedding gift in 1950 (For those of you mathematicians, that would put me in my 50’s). My interest was keen and I developed a new skill. I had some original lighting in my 1930’s English Tudor home in Northeast Portland that needed to be rejuvenated so Chuck showed me how to re-polychrome the finish to restore them to their original grandeur. I WAS HOOKED!!!

I started collecting chandeliers, floor lamps and lamps from Ebay, garage sales, craigslist and the like. I would restore and rewire them and then hang them in the various rooms of the house. Finally when I got ready to hang a fabulous chandelier in the bathroom, my significant other said: “ENOUGH”!!! You have to sell some of these lights. So, I refinished my prized possession which was a 40” round plaster and horsehair lighting deflector from an old movie theater and sold it on Ebay for $1500 to a very lucky couple in Texas. I immediately became less attached to my finished work. I decided to leave the corporate world of pharmaceutical sales and turn my hobby and love into a business. I packed up and moved to San Diego so I could enjoy my lighting business in year around sunshine. I took a part time job at Starbucks for the benefits and enjoyed the life of a Barista as well for the past 5 years. My time at Starbucks gave me the opportunity not only to interact with people but to hone my coffee/espresso skills. It was at this job I met my new San Diego best friend Hilda. Hilda was the Assistant Store Manager at my Starbucks and had also been with Starbucks for 11 years. When I got ready to put together the coffee lounge/lighting showroom concept, it seemed only fitting for Hilda to be a part of the “dream”. (Note: I have always been sharp enough to surround myself with successful people who have strong skill sets that are synergistic with mine.)

We decided that the coffee lounge needed to be representative of my antique lighting offerings as well as a “fabulous” look but something that felt homey so you would feel comfortable enough to maybe kick off a shoe and tuck your foot under your leg on the chair for extra comfort. My Mom and Dad have always been my “bestest” best friends and my strongest supporters so with my Mother still living, I decided the coffee lounge should carry her name. I had an 8x10 oil portrait of her engagement picture which was enlarged to a 36” x 36” canvas portrait and hangs proudly in Marcella June’s Coffee Lounge. The feel, the look, the ENERGY all manifested into a unique offering of hand crafted beverages as well as hand crafted lighting treasures.

The doors are open at Marcella June’s Coffee Lounge with lighting by Period Illuminations at 8513 La Mesa Blvd. which is between the La Mesa Village and Jackson Drive. People say this is a rough time to start a new business (and trust me, I am a hurting unit with money right now) but I have always supported Community Based Businesses and have a strong belief in La Mesa “The Jewel of the Hills” being supportive as well. So with that said … COME AND MAKE ME SUCCESSFUL, EXPERIENCE OUR FABULOUSNESS AND DON’T DISAPPOINT MY MAMA!!!!!! Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday 7:00 am. to 3:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am. to 3:00 pm. (Night hours will be changing on Wed, Thurs, and Fridays with the addition of some interesting events planned.) Stay tuned!!!!

Marcella June’s Coffee Lounge with lighting by Period Illuminations is a very unique concept. I have married two businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with each other into one space but cross promote each other. You can come and simply enjoy “top drawer” handcrafted espresso based beverage or you can shop for uniquely restored period correct lighting and Art Glass lighting creations or you can do both and not even realize it. In today’s economy, it made perfect sense to diversify one’s business to not rely on just one offering.

Here is a listing of what is offered at Marcella June’s:

• Espresso shots pulled out of Dark French Roasted Fair Trade coffee beans

• Stirling Gourmet Flavoring Syrups

• Mont-Blanc Gourmet Singe Source Ghana Chocolate sauce

• Mexican Chocolate beverages as well as our own “creations”

• Italian Sodas

• We brew and blend our own Chai Tea mixture for lattes.

• Wide variety of Loose Leaf Teas

• “RED Espresso” beverages. Red Espresso is made by expressing a special African Red Bush Roobois tea through the Espresso machine. It can be made into any type of latte, cappuccino, or iced drink. It is caffeine free and extremely high in anti oxidants.

• Home made style pastries from different bakers (with Vegan pastry offerings and breakfast/lunch type items coming shortly).


• Honest, genuine, and unconditional “butt kissing” customer service.

• Restored Antique lighting/lamps which are period correct and sold as-is.

• Lighting restoration/rejuvenation services

• Art Glass lighting designed and created. Glass Kiln work utilized on some.

• Interior trees, floral arrangements and accessories designed by Gregory Swales, Interior Designer will be on sale.

• Handcrafted natural soaps, lotions, and soy candles by Marianne of Hands 2 Heart will be on sale in the future.

• We LOVE to display talents from the community. Come in and chat with us if you have a skill/talent you would like to display and/or sell to the community.

The real deal for Marcella June’s will be the customer service. Hilda and I are both past Starbucks employees (don’t’ be surprised if you see other past employees as well) so we learned the coffee ropes extremely well. We were blessed to be able to glean all the good and have the autonomy to build our own business. In addition, we are both unconditional extreme customer satisfaction freaks. We want your experience to be uplifting and enriching so that you become a member of Marcella June’s Coffee “family”. You will see some simple rules listed from Marcella.

They are:

1) never take anything larger than a $20 dollar bill, do not accept checks, encourage customers to enhance the experience for others by not using cell phones in the ordering line, try not to be open on Holidays so you can spend time with family, don’t do DRAMA, help people, make friends, and HAVE FUN!!